Scout Account FAQ

Pack 200  Scout Account – Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is a Pack 200 Scout Account?
    • A Pack 200 Scout Account represents a sum of money that the Scout has earned through the Camp Card Sales Program (or another Pack program) that kicks off in March each year
    • The District Camp Card Program is designed as a way for Scouts to earn their way to Camp, other activities, or simply purchase Scout supply needs
    • From each sale of a Camp Card, fifty percent of the Commission goes to the District to help fund its Scout Programs and fifty percent is placed in the selling Scout’s Scout Account
  2. How do I get money into my Scout Account?
    • At the end of the Camp Card Sales season, the Pack 200 Camp Card Sales Coordinator provides the Pack 200 Treasurer with a spreadsheet containing the amount of camp cards sold by each Scout. The Pack 200 Treasurer, then, credits each participating Scout’s account based on their camp card sales. This happens shortly after the end of the Camp Card Sales Program, which typically ends at the beginning of May each year
    • The participating Scout’s account may be credited with other Pack fundraising activity specifically approved to qualify for the Pack 200 Scout Account Program
    • Each Parent and each Den Leader can request via email an updated amount for their Scout(s) from the Pack 200 Treasure at any time
  3. What can I use my Scout Account for?
    • Commissions from the sales are encouraged to be applied toward directly sending youth to Summer Camp programs; but for Pack 200, each Scout can use their Scout Account funds to pay for any scout-related activity or supply. If in doubt about whether a particular activity or scout supply can be reimbursed using your Scout Account, please contact the Pack 200 Treasurer
    • A Scout Account should be the first money used to pay for camps, events, or Scout supplies. Any Pack 200 financial aid will be paid on the requesting Scout’s behalf only after that Scout’s Scout Account has been completely depleted
  4. How do I use the money in my Scout Account?
    • To use the balance in the Scout’s Account toward one of the qualifying events or activities, the Scout Account Reimbursement Request must be completed and presented to the Pack 200 Treasurer
    • The Pack 200 Treasurer encourages the Scout’s parent to pay for the camp, event or supply and request a reimbursement from that Scout’s Scout Account
    • The Scout Account Voucher Form is located on the Pack 200 website here
    • Please Note: a reimbursement will not shift a Scout’s Scout Account to become a negative number. In other words, no reimbursement will be made that is for more than the amount in a Scout Account
  5. How long do I have to use my money in my Scout Account?
    • As long as your Scout is an active member of Pack 200, your Scout Account remains active
  6. Can my brother who is also a scout in Pack 200 use the money in my Scout Account?
    • Yes, Pack 200 will allow a sibling, who is also a current Scout in Pack 200, to use his sibling’s Scout Account, with written parental permission
  7. What happens when I leave Pack 200 to become a boy scout, or any other reason–does my balance go with me?
    • When a scout leaves Pack 200 (e.g., quits the Pack or graduates out of the Pack) and he still has a balance remaining in their account, those funds revert to the Pack for use in its Pack 200 operating budget
    • However, if a Scout transfers out of Pack 200 to another Pack that has Scout Accounts, that Scout’s Scout Account may be transferable to the new Pack

The Pack 200 Leadership Council encourages every Scout to sell Camp Cards
to earn their way to camp and other special Pack 200 events – and,
the Pack 200 Leadership Council asks that each Scout use all of his
Scout Account funds prior to leaving Pack 200

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