Den Duty Descriptions

Den Duty Description
Setup Arrive 20 minutes early for Pack Meeting. Set-up room according to chart provided by Cubmaster. This includes getting the US flag and pack flag from closet, taping den signs on floor, setting up chairs for adults, setting up needed tables, and other set-up responsibilities as needed
Greeters Arrive 10 minutes early for Pack Meeting. Greet fellow scouts at the door. Assist new scouts in finding their seats. Assist parents and other adults in finding seats. Den leaders should Inspect scout uniforms noting to any issues for the Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster.
Flag Ceremony Arrive 5 minutes early for Pack Meeting. Conduct opening and closing flag ceremonies according to BSA standards. Lead prayer during Pack Meeting. Scouts not in full Class A uniforms may not participate in leading the flag ceremonies.
Opening Prepare a presentation telling the rest of the pack about something your den did or learned during the prior month (summer if the first pack meeting of the year). The opening should run no more than 10 minutes.
Skit / Song Prepare a skit/song to entertain the pack. The skit/song should run no more than 10 minutes.
Clean Up Ensure all chairs, tables, signs, and flags are put away at the end of the meeting. Pick up any trash in the room, and throw it away. Turn off the lights before leaving.
Service Schedule a time with the church office to pick up trash around the church grounds during the month you are assigned this den duty. Please inform the Cubmaster of the time and date you select. Class B uniforms are appropriate for this den duty.